Friday, 5 February 2010

Summer lovin'

It's only just February but I cannot wait for Summer.
Sunshine, white wine, sangria, mojitos, the smell of freshly cut grass, smoothies, the beach, tans.
And here's my favourite moments from the Spring/Summer collections.

Isabel Marant
I love her clothes, so effortlessly sexy and chic. My favourite things from this collection are the metallic blazers and the fuschia sun dress. Flirty yet subtle and casual luxury and sexy because it's so understasted.

Nina Ricci
This collection was dominated by floaty dresses in nudes and pastels. Big fan of the sheer cropped tops, and the perfect little jackets. All in all, Peter Copping's first collection for Nina Ricci gave us some adorable feminine numbers and the eveningwear will undoubtedly be all over the red carpet soon enough!

Miu Miu
Love love LOVE the long wispy braids. Verging on geek-chic, quite a prim and proper vibe here. Although potentially a bit difficult to pull off if you go for a whole outfit full, the odd piece here and there would be just perfect, thanks.

Wow! This is simply stunning - glitz and bling a plenty and I am in love. The huge ruffled necklines, impressive silhouettes, and ruching to the kingdom come makes this collection far from practical, which is what makes it so fantastic!

Every time. Chloé is a personal favourite. The menswear trend is something I'm never confident enough to pull off to this extreme which is why I'm so captivated by how perfectly they do it. Even with necklines buttoned up to the collar, theres a sensuously subtle sex appeal to it. Very French Parisienne meets English hunter - doesn't sound like it should work at all, does it?!

Yet again, flawless! I'm amazed everytime Karl comes up with a new twist to his classic taste. Chanel in a farmyard - another baffling but brilliant juxtaposition.
In my eyes, Phoebe Philo can simply do no wrong. Her first collection for Celine is without a doubt no exception. Discretely decadent, the cuts were unexpectedly flattering. Personal favourites were the shorts.
And so saving the best til last. Where to even begin?! I want it all - Keeping the signature Balmain feel with the infamous shoulders there was a new twist. The metallic minis were just gorgeous and everything was, as ever, worn and torn in all the right places. So, lets just hope and pray that we win the lottery because this brilliance comes at a price, and a big one, unfortunately!

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