Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It's vintage, darling

Absolutely transfixed with the Sartorialist's vintage photo competition.
All of these photos have such compelling stories.
It inspired me to flick through my parents old photo albums,
and found some crackers!
Watch this space.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sleeping beauty

Golden Goldin

Louise Goldin's SS10 probably her strongest ever
Favourite piece - Swarovski dress...
unfortunately a bit out of my budget @ £2,786

And a couple from backstage...

And... a little something to keep you're ears busy -
Preiss, who DJs for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, shared what's on rotation on her party playlist:
1) Ciccone Youth - "Get into the Groove(y)"
2) The Birthday Party - "Release The Bats"
3) Public Enemy - "Give It Up"
4) The Velvet Underground - "Femme Fatale"
5) Beastie Boys - "Sabotage"
6) Serge Gainsbourg - "L'anamour"
7) Radiohead - "Jigsaw Falling Into Place"
8) David Bowie - "Ashes To Ashes"
9) The Gun Club - "Fire of Love"
10) Natty (Roots Manuva Remix) - Bedroom Eyes

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Once upon a time

They have crazy hair, skip class and make the boys fall in love with them. Laugh until their stomach's hurt, eat french toast for lunch and put too many marshmallows in their hot chocolate. They dance madly around the pool and send wishes into the sky