Monday, 8 February 2010

Oh lover of mine

As a first year French student, I'm discovering lots of
fascinating things about France - history, culture
, grammar
today I discovered Zadig&Voltaire is more than just a brand
they were in fact two philosophers in the
XVIIIe siècle
fancy that! but,
funnily enough the fashion's far more exciting

And so my obsession with Isabel Marant grows & grows
I scoured the shops for my perfect pair of stripey jeans last Summer
& it's set to continue until I find some

Listening to the band Beach House at the moment
taking me away from this rainy city to a
hazy, hot Summers day
somewhere far far away

Singers Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand

Malibu, CA


  1. cool post. ummm i'd like to be at that beach house right now...!

  2. Ahh totally get your Isabel Marant obbsession, the collections are always so gorgeous!

  3. Isabel Marant is life!

    Love that song - classic!!

    Where are you living in France?

  4. thanks so much for the lovely comment girl!!

    I love love the quote of the love in the top of your post:) And yes you should really get the perfect LBD for yourself too<3

  5. I love that outfit too (especially the tiedye top & lace), but I don't actually know which episode of gossip girl it's from either, I can't remember seeing it. Maybe it hasn't aired yet? Ahh can't wait for it to come back on...