Monday, 16 August 2010

Picture perfect anglophile

Love a good bit o' patriotism, me.
That's why I leave the country at any damned opportunity!
Paha, only joking, I love England, but sometimes you need some sun, no?!


  1. totally agree, England's home but.....the weather SUCKS and sunbathing is so much more fun than watchin the rain piss it down outside! x

  2. great picture! and yes I love England, working elsewhere means when I am at home I appreciate it more, but then I really do need some proper sun in Summer!
    I graduated from Leed Uni two years ago but nice to find bloggers I have something in common with. hope you had a good weekend xx

  3. shes gorgeous!! love this photo

    stop by sometime<3

  4. Lol it's funny how some places are so boring and familiar to some and completely special and exotic to others! I'm dying to visit england again..sigh.

  5. Love this pic =)

    I live in Sydney Australia.. Dreading the heat this summer eek!

    But if you want a real tan! Come here =)