Thursday, 1 July 2010

Feels like home

bits of boarding passes stuffed away in pretty boxes
every issue of every magazine overflowing from shelves and coffee tables
charming mix of tangerine & turquoise
intermingled with flowers everywhere
paneling, ruching, tassles & pleats
everything working perfectly together as part of an unwinding story
this is where i want to live


  1. Hi !
    Thanks for your lovely comment !
    Like you, i prefer Givenchy Resort to Balenciaga !
    Tes, i see Chanel, and i really like it !
    What is your favorite show?

    Your blog is great, So Fashion ! ! :)
    'love it ! !
    And great post, really beautifful photo, it's awsom ! ! :)

  2. Great pics, I would love my apt to look like that. Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  3. I would like my house to look like that too
    that's awesome
    I love the decoration, those flowers, and that sofa is great
    you have a really nice blog by the way,
    hope you're having a great summer